Women’s Support Advocacy Group Position Paper

Women Support Advocacy and Standard Forensic Examination Group declares its position against the recent decision of the Cabinet’s Legal Committee Regarding the execution of virginity examinations in accordance with the court order and the woman’s consent as below:

  1. Cancellation of paragraph 2 and 3 of the Article 640 of penal code, because such examinations are also performed in the cases of adultery and sodomy, while article 640 of the penal code only provides virginity test in rape cases.
  2. The principle should be to prohibit such examinations, and the exception is rape cases. Because the definition in adultery and sodomy cases is completely different from rape, and the examination approach in these cases is basically different.
  3. The mentioned examinations should explicitly and without any condition be criminalized under a separate article in the Penal Code. Excluding rape cases which must be subject to the woman consent.
  4. For conducting comprehensive examinations in rape cases, it is necessary to impose special and standard conditions based on the Protocol for Treatment of Gender-Based Violence and Istanbul Protocol under separate article in the Penal Code. More…
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