Press Release for “International Day on Elimination of Violence Against Women”


This year, our focus has been on victim and witness protection within the justice process.

Though the Criminal Procedure Code has been enacted since 2014, the vast majority of “CPC rights” are not implemented by lawyers and the justice system. To change this, we have started petitioning for victim’s right to protection with the police, prosecution, and courts. It was a tough struggle as there was push back from all organs, an issue which we hope all can help us resolve.

Though the CPC appears self-explanatory, many in the justice system are unclear as to its application. To aid clarification, we have authored a detailed legal memo on the law and trained 30 lawyers and paralegals. We have also, through our cases, raised awareness to numerous policemen and the Head of Police in Kabul districts. We are pleased to say that we have been successful in some of our cases and this gives us the impetus to push this forward.

We urge all to read our legal memo as it deals with practical aspects of victim and witness protection. We hope that it will spark your interest and cooperation with us to push for State accountability to protect.

Please get in touch with us to take this conversation forward.

Press Release in English

-Press Release in Dari

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