Peace from Women Perspective

Medica Afghanistan is a women support organization which is non partisan, non political and non
partial organization. MA is actively working in Afghanistan for past 16 years and currently we are
physically present in five provinces (Kabul, Mazar, Herat, Baghlan and Samangan) with the
provision of free legal aid and psychosocial counselling for the vulnerable girls and women. We
also provide unique mediation services for the families which is one of the most impact activity.
We reach out around 3000 girls and women who are direct victims of GBV and SGBV. We have
been actively engaged in advocacy activities not on national but also on international level

The conclusion of this survey in Kabul shows that respondents are concern because of the general
insecurity, but also because of lack of social protection of life and dignity of all citizens 48% of
the respondents are concerned for their safety and protection and for them peace is to bring them
safety of life and protection of their dignity. In Herat 24% of the respondents mentioned that peace
means to have equal access to economic and political resources. 14% of the respondent consider
the importance of women participation in all levels of the peace process.
In summation one can see that the major triangle of problem in this country is (1. insecurity, 2.
corruption 3. in equal access to opportunities and resources). I hope the politicians and policy makers
consider this triangle of Afghan problems while developing peace indicators.

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