Neither a woman consent and nor a court order can pave the scientific and legal and validity basis to Gynecological Examinations

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Afghan Women’s Network, Medica Afghanistan and Women for Justice Organization are among advocacy bodies who have been working towards protection of individual’s human rights specially women and girls to provide legal and religious access ground for this vulnerable group and avoid violation of their rights.

The afore-mentioned organizations have been jointly working towards protecting human dignity, avoid degrading and contemptuous acts and to generally prevent violence against women, and immediately call on the Government of Afghanistan to prevent gynecological examinations.

Based on valid international findings, virginity or gynecological examinations have been proven as non-scientific, and there are internationally conventions which have defined such examinations as an act against human dignity, torture and violence against women and called on the member states including Afghanistan to stop such a examinations.

Indeed, gynecological, and rectal examinations are considered as one of the acts of torture. Based on article 450 of new penal code such acts are committed by the public servant officer or any other official, either by his order or consent and silence that cause severe physical or mental pain or torture to the suspect, accused, convicts or any other person. It is aimed at discovering facts and measuring the decency of the woman or girl. As stated above, from a medical point of view, these examinations have no scientific basis. As these examinations have no scientific and medical basis, then how can our judicial system invoke these examinations to convict and punish a person? This is an illegal act and torture.

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