Justice for victims who have been subjected to gynecological examinations


On 4 March 2018, Medica Afghanistan held a conference to bring justice for victims (our clients) who have been subjected to gynecological examinations.

We brought together doctors, lawyers, prosecutors, judges and activists to initiate a deeper discussion into the medico-legal issues which plague gynecological examinations.

The Conference was one step in our work to put an end to these humiliating practices which we will continue through collective advocacy, awareness-raising, and law reform and in cooperation with the Committee to Prohibit Forced Gynecological Examination. Established in 2016 the Committee is constituted by the participation of 30 Afghan civil society organizations including World Health Organization (WHO), Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and Afghanistan Forensic Science Organization (AFSO).

To learn more about the conference, see the attached report. We greatly appreciate your kind support in our campaign through moral, diplomatic or financial support to address and put an end to these humiliating practices.

-Report of Conference 

-Press Release In English 

-Press Release In Dari

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