1.Interview with PSHP Client and Team

  2.Interview with Amnesty Journal Germany11 October, 2016

 3.Berlin: Medica Mondiale calls for protection and support for women’s rights defenders, medica mondiale, 04 October   2016

 4.The suicide rate has increased in Afghanistan, Hasht e subh Daily, 22 August 2016

 5. After years of war, Afghans wary to talk of mental health, Associated Press, 18 August 2016

 6. Donne in Afghanistan, diritti violati e attese, Voci Globali, 06 August 2012

7.”Women’s rights are being used as an alibi during the peace talks,” says Saifora Paktiss from  Medica Afghanistan, medica mondiale, 06 June 2016

8.”Women’s rights in our country have nothing to do with the presence or absence of the international military forces,” says Saifora Paktiss, Medica Afghanistan, medica mondiale, 24 May 2016

 9.”Women’s rights are part of peace, They simply belong together,” says Vida Faizi, Medica Afghanistan, medica mondiale, 18 May 2016

10.Humaira Rasuli, Director of Medica Afghanistan: “Women are not silent anymore.”medica  mondiale, 10 May 2016

11.Humaira Rasuli about current challenges for Medica Afghanistan, medica mondiale, 04 April 2014

12.”Not much hope” for Afghan women’s rights, Deutche Welle, 19 March 2014

13.”It’s Not Easy Being an Afghan Woman,” Santara, 2011








21. Interview with Humaira Rasuli-Amnesty Journal Germany

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