Celebration of 7th April, World Health Day 2017 with theme “Depression: Let’s Talk”

Vida Faizi, Psycho-social and Health Manager of Medica Afghanistan

Vida Faizi, Psycho-social and Health Program Manager of Medica Afghanistan

The World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7th of April and this year it has been titled for ‘depression’. Based on WHO, there are many reasons why we need to take depression seriously because it is the main reason for disability worldwide; the economic costs are staggering; and the treatment gap is much higher. Perhaps the most compelling reason, however, is the immense suffering that depression causes to the individuals who are affected and to their families.

Vida Faizi, psycho-social and health Program Manager of Medica Afghanistan said: Medica Afghanistan took active participation in the campaign of “Depression: let’s talk” by printing 800 awareness papers on “Depression and on The Ways to Help Yourself’ and distributed them amongst two schools’ students and 2 institution of high education in Kabul.

In addition, three interviews of psychosocial experts and one client interview was conducted, awareness sessions offered to 80 women in our self-help groups and to women who visited Women Garden.

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In here, You can attached the Messages of World Health Organization and Ministry of Health for this Day:

Depression, Let’s Talk 



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