Case Story No 1

Case 1: A 17-year-old girl was sold and gang raped


In order to flee her father’s violence, the girl ran away from home, after taking advice from one of her friends. Instead, her friend sold her to a woman, and from there her miseries started.


The woman who purchased the girl offered her to a man who raped her.


The girl said, “After I was sold to this man, I was taken to an unknown place. There, not only did he rape me, but also there were other men who raped me.”


She thought that she had lost too much respect to return to her family. Through the woman she was sold to and through her rapists the girl became involved in immoral activities.


After a year police arrested her.


Source: Medica Afghanistan Psychosocial and Health Program


Case Story No 2


Case 2: An 18-year-old girl’s ears and nose were cut off by her father in law


The girl was brought to Bagrami Hospital, which belonged to American troops. She was in a critical condition.

The troops were walking in the area when they found her.

After some days when her situation became stable she said, “I was married off by force. My uncle married a girl with whom he had run away. To compensate, they married me off in a baad marriage to that girl’s family.

While she was living with her in laws, the level of violence against her increased day by day. She decided to escape the violence by running away. On the way, she was arrested and sent to prison.

When her prison term was completed, he father in law came to get her. He took her to a mountainous area, and cut her ears and nose. He left her there in a critical condition. That is when the American troops found her and transported her to the hospital.

After a lengthy treatment she was transferred to a women’s shelter in Kabul. She was eventually taken to the United States of America.

Source: Medica Afghanistan Psychosocial and Health Program



Case Story No 3

Case 3: A 16-year-old was raped by her father

The incident took place while the girl’s mother was attending a funeral. The girl’s father raped her.


When her mother returned home, the girl told her what had happened, but her mother did not believe and cursed her instead.

In July 2015 the girl visited the hospital with her mother, because she had abdominal pains. It turned out that she was pregnant. Her mom began hitting herself and cursing her daughter for becoming pregnant.


The police arrested the father. The girl suffered a miscarriage. Her uncle and mom turned against her for filing a complaint against her father.


Fearing for her life, the girl ran away from home. She took refuge in a women’s shelter.


She is receiving psychosocial counseling with us.


Source: Medica Afghanistan Psychosocial and Health Program


Case Story No 4

Case 4: Forced marriage ruined one girl’s life

The young woman is 25 years old. Her father forced her to marry a man who lived abroad.


She and the man had never seen or spoken to each other. After the marriage he took her abroad. There was an older lady in the house who was her husband’s first wife.


Her husband told the girl that his first wife should not know about their marriage, and asked her to pretend that she was a guest. He would show her off as a symbol of beauty to his friends. He paid constant attention to her weight, clothing and beauty. She was forced to do what she did not want to do. She had to act like a doll and was controlled by him.


One day, she realized that she was pregnant. She shared the news with her husband with excitement. He became inflamed with anger and wanted her to have abortion in any way he could arrange. When he started beating her severely, she lost consciousness.


When she opened her eyes she found herself in the hospital. Her husband was discussing her abortion with the doctors. He was telling the doctors that they were partners, and did not want the child. As a result, the abortion went ahead, and the woman lost her unborn child.


When she found an opportunity, the young woman shared the story with her doctor. Her parents helped her to return to Afghanistan; however, the failed marriage and abortion caused her to develop mental health issues.


The woman is receiving mental counseling now. She does not ever want to become a toy again.


She wishes to become a real wife and mother.


Source: Medica Afghanistan Psychosocial and Health Program


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