Medica Afghanistan operates under the guidance of the organisation’s highest decision-making, governing body: a Board of Trustees consisting of five volunteer members. Headquartered in Kabul, Medica Afghanistan conducts operations in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat with a staff numbering 85 people. Our management team of 8 includes an executive director, a deputy director, 2 heads of field offices, 3 program managers, and a financial head. Our project staff of 36 includes 10 lawyers, 13 psychosocial counselors, 5 social workers, and 8 literacy teachers. (Six volunteer legal fellows in training also work under staff guidance.) Our administrative and financial staff number 10. Our operations are supported by a logistical and security staff of 31.

All key positions are occupied by women staff in accordance with Medica Afghanistan’s fundamental commitment to women’s solidarity and our policies of promoting women’s employment and respecting Afghan women’s reluctance to disclose their stories to men.

Medica Afghanistan maintains high professional standards.  Most of Medica Afghanistan’s psychosocial counselors are graduates of the Psychology Department of Kabul University, while others have qualified in medicine or social work.  All have received intensive, highly specialised training in psychosocial counseling and trauma counseling, both in-house from international professionals and externally with organisations such as WHO and the British Council. Medica Afghanistan was the first NGO to establish psychosocial counseling in Afghanistan in 2002, and its dedication to consistent, ongoing intensive training has raised its standard of practice to the highest level in the country.

Medica Afghanistan’s lawyers are graduates of either the Sharia Law Faculty or the Faculty of Law and Political Science. They are registered at the Afghan Bar Association and have a professional license which entitles them to work as defence lawyers. Medica Afghanistan’s lawyers are specialized and trained in women’s rights. They benefit from continuous in-house and external training on the various aspects of Afghan Law, Sharia and International Human Rights Law (including women’s rights and children’s rights), and legal defence. Medica Afghanistan has trained 13 volunteer legal fellows, of whom 4 are now employed in our office as lawyers.  Six additional legal fellows are currently in training.

Medica Afghanistan’s social workers are recruited on the basis of their experience in the social work field, especially with women and children. Working closely with Medica Afghanistan’s psychosocial counselors and legal aid lawyers, they also benefit from advanced in-house training in trauma work and human rights.

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